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Cocktail menu

The taste of an exceptional wine, the imagination needed to create a refreshing cocktail and our need to offer you outstanding flavours, were the driving force behind the cocktail menu!

Flavour and presentation, are uniquely combined in a way that manages to win over even the most demanding customers. With inspiration and creativity at its peak, we aim to catch your attention while using the best possible products!!!

A cocktail menu is ideal for corporate functions, conferences, meetings or simply for wonderful parties in a private venue.


Our suggestions for the Cocktail menu


Cocktail menu 1

Hot and cold finger food
Triangle mini sandwiches (ham-cheese, turkey-lettuce)
Mini brioches (chicken salad-mayonnaise)
Canapés (savoury tartlets with Rockford mousse, mini tuna salad and cherry tomato choux)  
Ham and cheese flutes
Mini filo rollinis with spinach
Chicken fillet skewers
Mini rissoles
Cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon
Pork skewers


The latter four are accompanied by BBQ sauce.


Dessert / Mini cakes
Mini French pastries (tartlets, choux, fresh cream cakes)


Cocktail menu 2

Hot and cold finger food
Octopus marinated in aromatic vinegar, served with pickled cucumber
Choux filled with tuna salad and cherry tomatoes
Cheese mousse and Florina pepper tartlets
Mini cheese skewers
Cretan apaki on a slice of white baguette
Stuffed cabbage leaves
Pork tenderloin skewers with bite-size prunes
Chicken and apricot skewers
Juicy grilled rissoles
Country sausages  
Cheese filo pies

Desserts / Mini cakes
A selection of bite-size syrupy sweets with nuts
Mini kataifi


Cocktail menu 3

Hot and cold finger food
Mini bruscettas with anthotyro and apaki
Stuffed cabbage leaves
Tabbouleh with marinated whitebait in a shot glass
Chicken curry tortillas
Mini myzithra pies
Mini pork or beef schnitzels
Mini barley rusks topped with grated tomato, olive and myzithra
Pork tenderloin stuffed with prunes
Chicken and apricot skewers
Vegetable pies
Cheese mousse tartlets

Desserts / Mini cakes
Different flavour macaroons
Meringue nests  
French pastries

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